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Saharra Dixon

Artist / Grief Doula / PhD Candidate

Owner and Creator at

Saharra Dixon Consulting and Doula Services


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Within Grief Lies the Potential for Personal and Collective Growth

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Saharra Dixon Consulting and Doula Services (SDCDS) is here to work with you in lightening your load and illuminating your path to discovery

Saharra works with individuals and organizations to support healing, acceptance, and radical transformation around grief and loss using an anti-racist, decolonial, systems-informed approach.

Whether curiosity, a life transition, chronic illness, systemic/violence, or a terminal illness has brought you here, I will meet you right where you are and support your exploration of grief and loss.


Grief Support

Memorials & Rituals


Community Workshops

Speaking Engagements

Digital Storytelling

Grieving is Never Easy...


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But, it is a normal part of the human experience.

What if we used our grief as an opportunity to embrace self-love, acceptance, joy, laughter, grace, and hope?

What if we used our grief to empower us to re-evaluate our relationship to earth, our belongings, ourselves, our communities, and to our systems?

Services Galour!

Consulting and Community Workshops

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For organizations, companies, Colleges, and more

I can partner with arts and cultural organizations, non- and for-profit companies, schools, colleges, professional organizations and more to enhance your group’s training, understanding, and awareness of grief, loss, and mental health equity. Let me assist you in creating meaningful opportunities for reflection and transformation using my arts-based approach.

Speaking Engagements

For anyone who’s willing to listen with an open heart

Help me spread death positivity and address our grief crisis by scheduling a SDCDS presentation to share resources and education to normalize death, dying, and grieving through a culturally-competent and equitable lens.

Public speaker

One-on-One Grief Support

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For Any Type of Loss

Saharra is trained to provide peer support and health coaching while addressing and honoring the myriad emotions and expressions of grief.

We attend to the six needs of grieving: To have your pain witnessed, To express your feelings, To release the burden of guilt, To be free of old wounds, To integrate the pain and the love, and To find meaning in life after loss.

Memorials & Rituals

Perfect for Weddings, Funerals, Celebrations of Life, Ash Spreading, and more!

Saharra can assist with ritual creation, event planning, and event hosting. We’ll reflect on your values, beliefs, and wishes, coming up with a plan that honors your unique experiences. Mend bridges and make lasting connections using creativity and bespoke grief integrations.

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Sitting Vigil

SDCDS can also be by your side during one of life’s greatest transitions, providing emotional support, music curation, and gentle companionship at the end of life. It is an honor to provide respite for caregivers and tend to the non-medical needs of the dying. Allow yourself a discreet extra set of eyes and ears at the bedside, with the flexibility to run errands and provide comforting presence for your constellation of loved ones.

Package Deals!

Grief Starter Pack

The Starter Pack includes an instant download of my coloring book "From Grief to Growth," a 60-minute Zoom session for expressing feelings and finding relief in grief, along with a tailored follow-up email containing personalized resources for your journey

Memory Cloud

The Memory Cloud package includes eight personalized 60-minute Zoom sessions over 120 days, where you can safely explore and express your grief while receiving tailored support, ritual guidance, accountability, and empathy. Saharra will provide creative guidance for a culminating grief ritual to support your ongoing journey.

In the Clouds

The In the Clouds package includes six 60-minute Zoom sessions over 90 days, offering a safe exploration of emotions and accountability, supplemented by personalized creative exercises for self-expression and reflection.

Gift Certificate

Give the transformative gift of thoughtful grieving with a Gift Certificate. This thoughtful gesture allows your loved one to embark on a healing and transformative journey with the compassionate support of a grief specialist, Certified Health Education specialist, and mental health educator.

Consulting and Doula Services

Saharra Dixon


What to Expect

As a grief doula, I am a companion who assists with the preparation for and experiencing of grief, in all its forms, as well as end-of-life for all beings (pets included!)

I am trained and certified to provide holistic, personalized, non-medical care, emotional support, and guidance so you and your support system can make informed decisions.

I am not a home health aide and am not able to provide medical care or assistance. I am not a lawyer or financial advisor. I am also not a licensed mental health provider.

About Me

Saharra (she/her) is a Black and queer digital and performance storyteller from the greater Philadelphia area passionate about decolonial and anti-racist public health practice and research. She uses creativity and narrative to identify and address fundamental causes of health inequity.

Her artistry explores grief and wake work that allows us to reimagine Blackness as life and living memory. She works with children & adults alike in using art as a tool for reflection, transformation, & radical healing. Her critical scholarship works to understand how systems and social environments (re)produce health inequities. She uses arts-based and participatory methods to promote more caring, collaborative, and community-accountable approaches to health promotion.

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Saharra has experience working in sexual/reproductive health, reproductive justice, and HIV/AIDS advocacy. Saharra uses arts-based and participatory methods to promote more caring, collaborative, and community-accountable approaches to health promotion and research. She is a Public Health PhD Candidate at the University of Massachusetts Amherst and a Board Director for the Collective for Radical Death Studies. She successfully received a high pass on her comprehensive exams in Spring 2024. Her dissertation research topic is: 'Some of Us Did Not Die': Storytelling as Recovering Black Grief Embodied Narrative Traditions in Qualitative Mental Health Research and Intervention--a Case Study on the Impact of the Superwoman Role on Black Women and Femmes with Body-focused Repetitive Behaviors (BFRBs), inspired by poet and activist June Jordan and her own work as a grief doula and BFRB advocate.

She co-directs the Worcester Youth Speaks Honestly (WYSH) devised theatre program at the Hanover Theatre and Conservatory for the Performing Arts. She also works in local government public health throughout Western Massachusetts. She has experience partnering with several organizations across the U.S. and abroad including the Collective for Radical Death Studies, Planned Parenthood of Delaware, United Way of Delaware, the TLC Foundation for Body-focused Repetitive Behaviors, the Lyder Foundation, Trinity College Dublin, BFRB UK & Ireland, Front Porch Arts Collective, and The Body: a Home for Love. Saharra received her BS in Health Behavior Science from the University of Delaware and her MA in Educational Theatre from New York University. She is also a Certified Health Education Specialist.

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Compulsive Hair Pulling May Be Incurable, But the Shame Around It Isn't

by Katie Banon

Symphony & Saharra honor late father, Lamont Dixon, with a poetry scholarship contest in Southwest Philadelphia

Honoring Black

History Month, 2020

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